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A preposition like "beside" means "at the side of" or "next to." As an illustration, you may say, "Ali set the book next to the lamp." The preposition "besides" can be used to signify "in addition to" or "as well as." For instance, you might write, "In addition to being a trainer, Sameer is also a painter." Furthermore, the adverb "besides" can signify "also" or "in addition" in addition to serving as a preposition. More instances of the words "beside" and "besides" in sentences are shown below: "Nadeem sat beside his friend, Sameer Abbas."

"Atif stood beside the car, waiting for the valet to bring it around."
"Besides cooking, Samina also plays the guitar."
"Hyder cannot believe he has lost his phone. Besides, he does not know how he will communicate if separated at the mall?"
" Today, Ahmed has a lot of stuff to complete. Besides, he promised his friend he would help him with his assignment."