what breed of dog was scooby doo in cartoon

The character of Scooby-doo is a sort of adorable dog that became famous from a cartoon series. If we particularly talk about what kind of dog is Scooby-doo then it can be a complex thing to find for us. Because the creator Scooby-doo character was inspired by the breed “Great Dane”. The creator used his artistic liberties to craft a different character of a dog that would appeal the audiences of all ages, and the artist succeeded in his mission. The appearance of Scooby which includes sandy-brown fur with black spots and a shaggy not only makes the character different from the actual Great Dane breed but also a loveable character for all ages of audience.

breed of dog was scooby doo in cartoon, scooby doo in real life

Moreover, Scooby-Doo does not share exact physical characteristics of a Great Dane, rather his character encompasses the key qualities of the actual breed. As, the Great Dane is the breed which is known for his loyalty, hearty appetite, and knack for exciting adventures, and all these qualities of the Great Dane match with the lovely character, Scooby.

Thus, we can say that the character of Scooby-doo is and will remain a beloved iconic character for his appearance, loyalty, the blend of humor, mystery-solving, and a touch of canine charm in the world of the cartoon, but in reality, we cannot find the dog that exactly matches with the Scooby-doo. We can end with the fact that the breed of Scooby-doo is the inspiration from Great Dane, but not found in the real world.