50 Sentences of Adjectives || English Grammar

An adjective in English grammar is a word that describes the quality or amount of a noun; it also assists us in pointing out a noun or pronoun. Here are the 50 sentences of Adjectives. You can learn them and note them in your notebook. You can find the adjectives from these examples and evaluate yourself.  

50 sentences of Adjectives:

1. He is ambitious.

2. She usually writes meaningless letters.

3. She has an adorable baby.

4. Her brother is tall and thin.

5. I bought a red dress.

6. His daughter is naughty.

7. I got the fourth position.

8. The drama we watched last night was boring.

9. My friend is a fine driver.

10. Ahmad's father is angry with him because of his irresponsibility.

11. My friend is clumsy.

12. She has made a bad decision.

13. They are concerned about their new project.

14. People who owned land were also rich.

15. I got pleasant when I saw my mother

16. Her father is a calm person.

17. The living room is tiny.

18. He is sincere with his studies.

19. She is the quietest girl in our class.

20. She is as sweet as honey.

21. That was a tough job for us.

22. She got a blue dress as her birthday gift.

23. His car is faster than yours.

24. She has received the latest news from her friend.

25. Only a few students came to the classroom.

26. My writing is better than hers.

27. He is more intelligent than his friend.

28. My room is very clean.

29. Is there any students in class?

30. He is the strongest boy among his friends.

31. He picked ripe fruits.

32. He is jobless.

33. She is homeless.

34. They meet a poor girl.

35. My cat has blue eyes.

36. That phone is mine.

37. This is not her book.

38. His mother is very friendly.

39. She has a rude friend.

40. They had arranged a fantastic party.

41. No doubt, your friends are foolish.

42. You have a good chance.

43. Yesterday was a horrible day.

44. I am hungry.

45. Doctor has advised him to carry a heavy box.

46. He is capable of doing work by himself.

47. They want a smart employee for their company.

48. I wore a colourful dress on Eid.

49. Teacher has given us a hard assignment.

50. They have strict parents