Active into Passive and Passive into Active voice conversion exercise with Answers- English Grammar


Convert the following Passive voice into Active voice and Active voice into Passive voice.

1. The thief had been being searched by the Police for two hours.

2. They are decorating the school for the Independence Day Celebration.

3. Why do you not open a company?

4. I was granted permission by my parents to go to Karachi.

5. Is he doing his work correctly?

6. Do not write anything on the Question paper.

7. Can you catch the fish?

8. Have you sent the mail to your friend?

9. I had not paid the electricity bill.

10. Did you watch the movie about which I told you?

11. MUET is going to take its admission test from 4th September.

12. Muneer should respect his parents.

13. The lecture is being delivered by the History professor.

14. You add the sums.

15. Some students dislike Mathematics.

16. I felt cold.

17. I will give you a piece of advice.

18. Have you been teased by your siblings?

19.   Are you going to get the chance to study in China?

20. Has Johnny been attending the seminar on digital marketing?

21. We, along with the principal, planted some flowers.

22. Will she have admired the poetry of Shakespeare?

23. Were the potatoes being peeled by you when you cut yourself?

24. My sister will perform research work to acquire her degree.

25. Have you been taking lunch for the last few minutes?

26. Take it home.

27. An injured needs help.

28. Do not touch it. It is hot.

29. Throw the ball to Hifza

30. Did the baby break the glass?

31. Does Ahmed know Maheer’s address?

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