When students get enrolled in a university or higher grades. It is mostly expected that their learning may flourish after going through various barriers in previous classes. Despite it, there is still one thing that comes in the lives of students as a barrier, and that is “LACK OF CONFIDENCE”. Lack of confidence is one of the barriers that students of all levels i.e. from lower to higher grades fail to overcome throughout their academic careers. As a consequence, their academic learnings, as well as their social life both get into trouble. The words like speaking in front of the class are always a dreadful thing that students always grappling with. Undoubtedly,  many students do not participate actively in speaking in front of the class or gatherings as this idea of speaking makes their legs and hands quivering; redden their face, and made them nervous and stressed.

There are many reasons “Why students have lack confidence” despite being in higher classes.


The very first reason is the atmosphere. Our classroom atmosphere does not encourage self-sufficient learning which directly affects the confidence as well as self-esteem of students. Our education system is mainly focused on students’ memory rather than their minds’ learning. As a result, they speak from their memory not from the mind, and in this way, they become less expressive.

Secondly, students do not get the opportunity to get together, and therefore, they could not express themselves and interpret their ideas. As a consequence, they do not trust their ideas and interpretations. Even though, they get and memorize someone else ideas to express as theirs.


Language is another obstacle especially in higher classes as English is rarely spoken outside of classes and sometimes even in the classes. For this reason, English is not used throughout their academic years. When it comes to presentations, Students are anticipated to give them in English and certainly, everyone is not good at all at speaking. Therefore, despite having considerable content and knowledge about the topic they prefer to remain quiet instead of giving presenting in the class, and in this way, the process of keeping quiet continues to affect students’ academic as well as outside life.


Lack of confidence affects the decision-making power too. We depend on others for deciding something for us. From little things to marriage life, we face difficulty to decide without someone’s consultancy, and due to this, we remain dissatisfied whatever decision we take. In this way, we do not only ruin our academic life but also the life outside the classroom.


1. Different things can be done to build up self-esteem and confidence. For instance, make lists of your strengths, learnings, success, and more importantly your failures. This making of the list should be adopted as a habit as by doing this, we will become able to overcome our weaknesses in the beginning.    

2. Secondly, you can present your ideas or comment on a topic. For presenting your ideas you do not need any large groups, but you can go to your friends where you can easily communicate with them.

3. Be sincere and loyal with yourself whenever you feel down. Motivate and encourage yourself that you are going well and whatever you are doing is right and stay committed and follow your path.

4.  Try to do things which you always loved to do or try to learn something which you always wanted to! and for this utilization of internet would be the greatest source.  

5. Take your own decision without consulting others. Dare to take the risks; feel confident; accept your mistakes when you are wrong; learn from them; accept compliments, and stay optimistic.


Thus, these are the factors that still dwell in our academic system due to which students become inexpressive and inactive during learning activities. Moreover, the discussed solutions are needed to take steps practically by everyone as well for those who possess confidence. One should be positive and confident, he or she should learn from their mistakes even if one cannot find fault himself or herself then ask their fellows as some things are immediately needed to be executed for future benefits. By doing so a lack of confidence will not be a barrier anymore for any student, and in this way, a student will talk from their minds, but not from his or her memory. Apart from that, his or her ideas would have credibility, and a student would have trust and belief in his or her ideas, and in the way, we have a confident student rather than that of suppressed one as "Confidence is key to success, and practice will assist you to achieve it".